Motorola SCREEN3

Moto Screen3

At CTIA last week so much of the attention given to Motorola was regarding their deal with Apple to deliver an iPod phone. This seemed to eclipse the announcement of their new SCREEN3 service, which in my opinion is the next killer cell phone app.

Basically, SCREEN3 is an always-on data service that pushes text and images to the idle screen of your handset. Kind of like the mid 90s screen-saver, Pointcast, SCREEN3 offers news, entertainment, weather and other configurable content that can be consumed passively by watching the idle screen; if you want more details, just click once to get the full story. This is undoubtedly the first appropriately designed experience of internet based content on a mobile phone.

The V551 will be the first handset with SCREEN3 , but be sure many will follow.