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Nano HiFi

Ultra high fidelity audio in a sleek portable system


Getting the highest quality audio at home used to mean having stacks of receivers, speakers the size of bookshelves and endless wires cluttering up your space. While some of the latest large-scale home audio packages are nothing short of remarkable, the general move in the industry is toward more compact systems. While some speakers sacrifice sound quality in the name of a more compact design, the Nano HiFi system strikes a balance. Though the Nano HiFi system isn’t as throw-in-your-bag portable as speakers like the Jambox, it is still compact and portable while packing a bigger, fuller sound than many of its competitors.

nano-hifi-2A.jpg nano-hifi-2b.jpg

The Nano HiFi system incorporates audio technology normally found in systems five times its size. Backed by years of research and development, the system boasts patented multi-yoke loudspeaker technology coupled with an extended bass radiator—both of which allow the system to pump out higher sound pressure levels at lower frequencies. Meanwhile a built-in digital amplifier ensures that individual frequencies are boosted, allowing for a refined sound at higher volumes, meaning there won’t be a phase-shift, which causes sound distortion. A crossover filters, channels and aligns the individual frequency band to ensure that the right audio goes to the optimal part of the speaker. In other words, this helps to create a balanced sound perfect for cranking both the latest house remixes and Beethoven’s 3rd.

Tech details aside, when testing the Nano HiFi system it was hard to believe that such a huge volume was coming out of a system the size of shoe box. The richness of the sound coupled with the sleek design makes this the kind of sound-system you want to show off. An iPhone dock, USB port and Bluetooth capability make connecting any device a breeze and there’s an FM radio and disc slot. For added versatility, the speakers disconnect from the base to adapt to any space for optimal sound distribution.

The Nano HiFi is available in three colors. We tested the Bluetooth-equipped PNH2200 model, which starts at $480. Check out Nano HiFi’s online store for more.

Images by Hans Aschim


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