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New Seal-a-Meal Vacuum Food Sealers

Sealameal Vs120Cd

If you're not familiar with vacuum food sealers take note. They are a great way to store food and ingredients (no more dried out brown sugar, for example), and one of the easiest ways to cook or reheat food. Seal-a-Meal has a few new food sealers that are easy to use and are attractive enough to keep out on the counter. I use a vacuum sealer to marinate foods (either in special canisters or directly in the reuseable bags) and for sous vide cooking (where you prepare the food, vacuum seal it, and cook it in warm water). New features on the VS120CD (featured above) include a stainless finish to better compliment your trendy stainless appliances and a "soft-seal" feature that allows you to seal softer items without crushing them. A cord/cordless model is also available. Prices range from around $50 to around $100, depending on the model and accessories.


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