Parrot Specchio Digital Picture Frame

Keep your household decor up to date with ease with Parrot’s Specchio Digital Picture Frame. The digital frame can upload pictures via USB, through Wi-Fi connection to Picasa or FlickR, or even through your Blackberry via Bluetooth and a dedicated e-mail address. Now whenever you need a quick change in scenery – whether you’re tired of the old landscapes, or need to get away from an ex’s face fast – you’re only a few clicks away.

You may initially be shocked that the 720×480 hi-res LCD screen only has 200 MB of storage space. However, thanks to Parrot’s signature optimized compression technology, it can store up to 1,500 photos, with additional memory space available. Displaying pictures in a vibrant 262,144 colors, the Specchio will well serve the nostalgic twinge within us all.

The Specchio is available for $500 through Neiman Marcus.

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