These Lego-like photo frames help to create a narrative with Instagram photos


Approximately 5.2 million Instagram photos are posted each day. Suffice it to say, a lot of great images are lost in the onslaught. Fotobit—which launches on Kickstarter today—is aiming to change that. At its simplest, Fotobit is a set of well-designed and finished 4″x4″ picture-frame; at its most creative, it is a modular photo memory system.

The idea is simple: put a picture in the frame, add a small clip and link your memories together to form a personal narrative. The frames boast clips, which offer the ability to alter the mosaic—there are a million combinations—and can also be snapped off to swap and share with friends and family.


Made by Orange County-based CRISP^YHKG (a company that generally works with global brands), Fotobit’s base frames are super-strong (one can hold 30 pounds’ worth of photos) and soft to the touch with clean edges and an acrylic front that makes the photo shine. Fotobit (who has also carved out a deal with Printstagram) co-founder Alan Yeung says, “Think of it as a Lego-like system for displaying photos. It’s Instagram but in a more permanent way. Fotobit inspires people to get photos out of their phone and onto their walls.”

Bridging the gap between the digital and tangible, check out Fotobit’s Kickstarter campaign, where a donation of $30 results in a three-pack (six nails, six frame clips, one bubble level, three optional white matting and three optional double-stick foam Pads) which should land in your hands in May or June of this year.

Images courtesy of Fotobit