Designer Benjamin Redford turns Instagram shots into retro slide reels with a tiny new contraption


Following the successful web-connected, smelly robots Olly and Molly, designer Benjamin Redford of Mint Digital presents Projecteo. Launched as a Kickstarter project out of London, the tiny Instagram projector prints multiple shots onto a single slide of 35mm Kodak film before crimping it into a small, circular film holder that sits inside the retro-styled contraption.


As the film is not digital the images are pixel-free. According to the designer, they’re best broadcast at a distance of about two feet in a darkened room—a remarkable feat given that Projecteo is no bigger than a matchbox. Users can make their own mini slideshow online, with each slide reel capable of holding up to nine images.


On Projecto’s Kickstarter page, Redford explains how the it works. “We optimized the focal length of the lenses and added a focusing mechanism,” he says. “We looked for the most powerful LEDs we could find and figured out the perfect ratio of images per wheel. We’ve also modified the edges of the wheel, adding a five degree chamfer to make it nicer to hold.”


The projector comes with an app that can be used to make slide reels, rounding out a project that cements the studio’s emerging signature for making functional pieces of industrial design for the digital age that are also just plain cute. You can check out the Projecteo on their website or help fund the project by visiting their Kickstarter page.