Rebound Notebooks


Brought up in "book–ish households" surrounded by the likes of children's classics such as Paddington Bear and Trixie Beldon mysteries, Aussie duo Natalie Crupi and Ben Mason quickly realized their mutual appreciation for well–designed classic book covers. The pair came up with the concept of using the covers to create blank notebooks after sifting through piles of texts at thrift stores, the couple stumbled upon book after book created from beautiful covers but, according to Crupi, filled with incredibly dull contents. "It seemed a shame for them to sit on a shelf gathering dust in Op Shops a greater shame to buy them for the covers alone and have them gather dust on our overflowing bookshelves." Researching recycled paper options they sourced a stock made from denim off cuts and scraps—the perfect modern interior for classic, vintage exteriors. "It all fell into place," says Crupi, "we invested in some binding equipment, made enough books to have a market stall and sold out of stock that day."

Aptly titled Rebound Books, the pair create notebooks and journals for "people who need space to be creative, who want a place in the world that is all theirs that they can explore their own ideas and thoughts, where they can keep information and always have that space when something new and exciting comes to mind." Notebooks start at $25 AUD from Rebound Books.