Scientists Develop a Pen That Detects Alzheimer’s

Scientists at Manus Neurodynamica, an Edinburgh-based medical technology company, developed a pen that provides an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. As the current method to test for Alzheimer’s is long, expensive and requires brain imaging, radio tracers and cognitive assessments, this new technology will make screenings more accessible, helping doctors diagnose patients earlier on. The Neuromotor Pen works by measuring limb and hand motion while a patient writes. It logs this data and, using artificial intelligence, compares it to motor patterns from those with impairments. While the pen is presently in its trial phase (with only one more to go), scientists are hopeful this breakthrough can give people more peace of mind about any tremors or abnormalities they make experience. Manus Neurodynamica also developed a similar device to diagnose Parkinson’s. Learn more about the technology at The Times.

Image courtesy of The Times