Shadow Box

The personal 3D tracker for board sports


With Shadow Box technology, your ride doesn’t end when you leave the slopes or the water. The box, engineered by Joe Van Niekerk of Stanford’s winning D.A.R.P.A Challenge team, mounts on anything from snowboards to blimps and uses GPS and G-Force readings to record a “Ride Path.”


Tracking location, acceleration, jump height, distance, hang time, G-Forces, exact object angles, rotation degrees and spin rates, the water- and shock-proof 3.6-inch box has a bracket and a leash making it easy and safe to attach it to nearly anything.


Wakeboard, windsurf, snowboard and kiteboard champions have all touted the ShadowBox as a great teaching tool. Each ride that the ShadowBox records can be viewed on the device itself, uplaoded to a computer via USB and viewed in the 3D Ridetracker Program, and then even exported to Google Earth.

Want to see the height or duration of a specific trick, learn why you’re missing a trick or simply trying to record how high your last bundle of balloons flew? Just make sure that you can recover the $500 ShadowBox to collect your ride data. The basic kit is on backorder as the summer sports season kicks off, but will include the ShadowBox and a mounting kit when it ships.