Shure SE530


Shure has some new ear candy coming out next month in the form of the SE530, a new sound-isolating set of earbuds. I was able to sneak a listen and was blown away—they literally brought a tear to my eye. For such a small earphone they deliver a huge, surprisingly expansive sound stage, full-bodied bass and highs that stayed crisp alongside rich, full textured vocals.

The buds come with a Fit Kit to ensure a personalized secure fit and maximum sound isolation. Shure also introduced a new sleeve that is a synthesis of the comfort and isolation of foam sleeves while maintaining the shape and cleanliness of plastic sleeves. Other customizing accessories include a 9'' (23cm) line to extend cable length for exercisers who use armbands. The whole SE line sounds great, but the SE530 is the standout by far, an improvement on older models offering new sound signatures, modularity, style and improved ergonomics.
On sale this February 2007, they can be purchased at Shure for $450.