The new US company dares to oust conventional smartphone plans in favor of contract-free talk, text and stream

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Anybody who has bought a SIM card in Europe can attest to the ease and freedom of the “pop it in, top up and go” kind of model found there—and in many countries around the world. Signing a new mobile contract in the US feels more like buying a house than something that fits in your pocket. SIMPLE Mobile is shaking things up in the stateside cellular world and expunging the mandatory long-term commitment that comes with owning a smartphone. This newcomer really lives up to its name: All customers have to do is just buy a SIM card from SIMPLE, load it into an unlocked phone, select from a range of plans and talk, text, Tweet, share and stream until the battery runs out.

When it’s time for a month-long trek through the Amazon, there’s no worry about breaking a contract or paying for a phone that can’t come along; SIMPLE’s easy payment options mean customers can just pick up where they left off. The freedom from being bound by a contract is celebrated in SIMPLE’s “Change Your Game” series, in which filmmaker Levi Maestro travels across the US looking for up-and-coming game-changers in a variety of creative fields from skateboarding to street art. Check out the preview of Maestro’s ongoing series in the clip.

For more information on ditching that imprisoning contract for a more flexible and accommodating mobile experience, visit SIMPLE Mobile. And if you’re a game-changer but need that extra bit of technology to develop your newest, though-provoking ideas, upload a 30-second video to the “Change Your Game” website for a weekly chance at winning a tablet or smartphone.

Images courtesy of SIMPLE Mobile