SIMPLE Mobile: Change Your Game

The mobile company that favors convenience over contracts is turning hard-working creatives' dreams into realities

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The days of being chained to an extensive and expensive mobile phone plan are dwindling thanks to the likes of SIMPLE Mobile. The groundbreaking mobile company lives up to its name; smartphone service is as easy as buying one of the brand’s SIM cards and topping up. Filmmaker Levi Maestro has taken part in the recent series called Change Your Game, in which Maestro travels across the US, looking for hard-working young creatives and gives them a once in a lifetime opportunity to give take their passion to the next level. With videos on street art, skateboarding and hip-hop already in the books, their newest feature shot in New York City.


The fashion scene in NYC is known the world over and the old saying rings true: “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Simple Mobile and Maestro headed to the Big Apple to find the most deserving, talented person in game. After a lengthy search, the crew decided on Anthony Simpson, founder and creative director at Random Objects. Simpson’s text-heavy style is influenced by his day job as a teacher and professor, during which he uses quotes and wisdom to inspire his students.


No stranger to hard work, Simpson puts in work in the classroom all day and designs and runs his business by night—all while making time to play basketball with his friends. With the help of SIMPLE Mobile and Jeff Carvalho (Selectism, High Snobiety), Simpson is changing his game by shooting a professional lookbook and being featured on across Complex Media‘s channels.


Check out Change Your Game for all the episodes, and upload a video of how SIMPLE Mobile can change your game and you could win a weekly prize of a smartphone or tablet.

Images courtesy of SIMPLE Mobile