SLMMSK Anti-Selfie App

Snag edgy imagery with CCTV filters and censor bar overlays

SLMMSK-01.jpg SLMMSK-02.jpg

For the selfie-obsessed out there (and even those who aren’t yet into the craze), a new alternative is afoot and it’s carrying some Orwellian vibes. Glitché‘s latest iOS app SLMMSK uses face recognition software and the phone’s front-facing camera to take an image and mask the subject’s identity in a variety of clever ways. With 10 edgy filter options, the app can drop a censor bar over users’ eyes, capture their photo in an array of CCTV-like granulation and even pop a smiley face right on someone’s head—in a way that’s more eerie than cute. All the while, affixing a timestamp.

SLMMSK-03.jpg SLMMSK-04.jpg

Instead of seeking to land the best angles, SLMMSK creates something darker and—more importantly—different. While there are plenty of creative uses for censored imagery, the app also just happens to be good fun. And, when the desired image has been caught, SLMMSK can save it to users’ phones, or immediately export to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. (A warning, though: much of the text is in Cyrillic, but the app is intuitive enough that it makes no difference.) This isn’t your average camera app and these aren’t your average selfies; it’s a distorted alternative, and a clever commentary on our surveillance smitten society.

Download SLMMSK for free from the iTunes
app store.

Image courtesy of SLMMSK