Sonos PLAYBASE Television Speaker

The latest addition to the wireless home sound system

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When the team at Sonos learned that 70% of television owners do not mount their TVs but rest them on pieces of furniture it sparked the concept for the brand new PLAYBASE. A slender, powerful speaker, the PLAYBASE may remind people of the popular PLAYBAR, but there’s more than just its position within the home that differentiate the two. PLAYBASE has been designed to slip between a TV and what it rests on—and at only 58 mm, it’s quite thin. There are no visible seams on the device, and it connects by way of two cords: optical and power. It provides powerful sound and performance that we’ve come to expect from Sonos, and can be used by itself for your tv’s sound as well as access to all of your music and streaming platforms, and can of course connect to the five channel Sonos system.

All of these attributes impress, but that’s become the expectation of any addition to the Sonos system. What appeals to us most is the engineering innovation that went into the woofer. Within the speaker, there are 10 custom-designed drivers, each with a dedicated amplifier. To extend beyond the range of expectation, the woofer—which is laid within the speaker in an s-shape—sends its force into a custom-designed S-port and ultimately out 43,000 drilled holes. The resulting clarity and power truly enhance the TV watching experience.

PLAYBASE is available from 4 April 2017. It’s available in both black and white. Current Sonos owners have an exclusive opportunity to pre-order the PLAYBASE on Sonos for $699.

Images courtesy of Sonos