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Touareg Rare Beast

Volkswagen offers the first-ever supercharged hybrid SUV in a luxurious limited edition


Taking advantage of a sunny day in New York City, we recently put Volkswagen’s new 2011 Supercharged Hybrid Touareg to the test on a trip to Brooklyn for some of the best pizza in town.

VW describes this limited edition Touareg as “a rare beast” that can be likened to the white buffalo—strong, silent, and few in numbers. With panoramic glass consuming almost the entire roof we got full views of skyscrapers, bridges and beautiful open sky. When combined with the rest of the luxurious interior, riding around in this “beast” is definitely like no other journey.


Its highly responsive navigation system—one of our favorites—features a large full-color touchscreen that allows the driver to choose between 2D or 3D navigation. Once you’ve programmed where to go, the jamming sound system and iPod-friendly stereo let passengers sit back and enjoy the smooth ride.


While admittedly lower in mpg when compared to a compact car, the Supercharged Hybrid offers 20-24 mpg, similar to that of the TDi model. Its start-stop system saves gas when idle, and regenerative breaks recoup kinetic energy that help charge the battery. While not boasting as much torque as its diesel counterpart, the tuned suspension makes for a fun, sporty ride, and its powerful engine really helps when you’ve got a car full of gear.


We’re proud that Volkswagon chose to sponsor our Cool Hunting iPad app (iTunes link) as a way to launch this new car. Download the free app and check out some exclusive Rare Beast content.


Packed with every imaginable amenity, the Supercharged Hybrid Touareg is ideal for family vacations and urban escapes alike. To get your hands on one, contact a VW dealer near you.


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