Takaratomy Air Guitar Pro Electric and Acoustic


Takaratomy recently came out with a new toy that will help you clean up your chops before the next Air Guitar Championships. Taking the air guitar to the next level, the Air Guitar Pro consists of the upper neck of a guitar and plays chords as your fingers pass through infared ray strings that make up an invisible fretboard-of-sorts. All you do is strum the air to produce accurate sound.

More advanced than your Guitar Hero variety, the controller has seven buttons of different chords but also additional buttons on the side to change from major, minor, augmented and diminished sounds. It even includes ten beginner songs to get you up to speed. We think it's pretty advanced for such a compact design and now you can actually produce some sound when playing the air guitar.

Both an Electric and Acoustic variety are available for $56 from AC Gears. You can also check out the Air Guitar in action here.