The Most Accurate Virtual Representation of the Universe’s Evolution

Helmed by the University of Helsinki, a simulation named “Sibelius-Dark” produced the most accurate virtual representation of the universe’s development to date. It captures the Big Bang to the present, reproducing the entire evolution of our section of the cosmos. Using the DiRAC COSmology MAchine (COSMA), scientists found one patch of our universe to be unusual, as the simulation predicted a lower number of galaxies than expected. Still, “These simulations show that the current leading theory of cosmology, the Cold Dark Matter model, can produce all the galaxies we see in our local habitat, an essential benchmark for simulations of this kind to pass,” says Dr Stuart McAlpine, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. Learn more about the project and how it brings researchers one step closer to understanding the full cosmos at Bloomberg.

Image courtesy of Durham University/PA Media