The Whip by Cheetah Ultra Sports


If the Navy SEALs were to ever have an official snowboard, it would have to be The Whip F-117, so named because it draws inspiration from the F-117 Stealth fighter. Recently launched by (the oddly named) Cheetah Ultra Sports, based in San Mateo, California, The Whip has been touted as the most advanced snowboard ever developed.

In fact, the manufacturer has labeled The Whip "the Lamborghini of snowboards." Citing the benefits of its Open V Hull (made of wool, plastic, steel edge and carbon composite) and Spider Back Suspension decks (constructed from carbon composite), they claim the design will allow riders to reach higher speeds, reduce chatter, eliminate heel and toe drag, improve maneuverability, turn quicker, jump higher, and land softer.

Since Cheetah Ultra Sports only recently started fulfilling advance orders, there's a lack of customer feedback to support or contradict the claims. There doesn't seem to be any video footage of the board in use either. Still, after four years of design development, one would hope the assertions for this slick ride are true, though at a cost of $1,899, we'll be waiting for some rider reviews to surface before placing an order.