Tokyo Fiber 2009: Senseware

by Kori Schulman


Talent meets technology at the second Tokyo Fiber exhibition since 2007. Senseware, a title that refers to materials that inspire creativity, features the stunning possibilities of Japanese artificial fiber technology. A mix of architects, designers, manufactures and artists make use of new fibers in inventive and unexpected ways, giving us all a glimpse into what the future of fiber holds.


Nendo/Asahi Kasei present a paper lantern that blows up like a balloon with the material Smash, a highly thermoplastic non-woven fabric.


Water Logo '09 uses the material Monert to spell out the exhibition theme in water droplets. The fibers are treated with an ultra-water-repellent coating at the nano level to completely repel drops of water.


Kengo Kuma/Mitsubishi Rayon Co. create light-penetrable concrete for communicating with the outside using Eska, a luminous optical fiber made with plastic.


Kashiwa Sato/Toyobo use Breathair, a highly-elastic coiled cushion material that is 95% air, to make soft children’s blocks that capture air in three dimensions.

Tokyo Fiber ’09
22-27 April 2009
La Triennale di MIlano
Viale Emilio Alemagna, 6
20121 Milano map
tel. +33 46 10 07 07