Volkswagen’s I.D. BUZZ Electric Concept Car Will Go Into Production

A microbus announcement from Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance

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Reminiscent of the iconic VW Microbus with a future-forward sheen, the I.D. BUZZ Electric Concept Car drew much acclaim at both the Detroit Auto Show and the Geneva International Motorshow. At this week’s prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, Volkswagen increased the chatter around the vehicle, by announcing that it will go into production. The brand hopes to have it at dealerships in 2022, across North America, Europe and China. And beyond the design, there’s much to love. The I.D. Buzz is a fully-electric vehicle and because of consumer requests starting at the previous car shows, VW has made its production possible.

Volkswagen announced that the production model will adhere closely to the concept, with batteries mounted on the floor. These electric drive components (motor, power electronics, etc) take up less space than traditional car parts granting a truly spacious interior. That means the vehicle will be truly family-friendly and ideal for lugging around lots of equipment. There’s something genuinely exciting about this model. Of course, clean energy matters a great deal, as does acknowledging the power of nostalgic design. But combined together in the I.D. BUZZ, there’s something more—something that speaks to the future of fashion and function in the automotive industry.

Images courtesy of Volkswagen