An automated fountain for parched pets


Jonathan Kirschner readily admits that the idea for the initial prototype of WaterDog was born mostly out of laziness. Romeo, Kirschner’s Great Dane, would often beg his owner for a drink during their daily walks. While he was happy to oblige and open a few spigots, Kirschner couldn’t help but feel there was an easier way. A mechanical engineer, Kirschner rigged an automatic fountain that connected with his outdoor spigot, and the WaterDog was born.

The refined design has come a long way from Kirschner’s first attempt, adding features like adjustable height, chew-resistant materials and a low battery warning light. As a dog approaches, the water begins to flow, curtailing its own current as soon as the pet steps away. The design allows users to split the stream for a hose attachment and erect a remote station through an extended hose. Best of all, because the water is running from a fresh water source, it’s tastier than bowl water, which can grow stale under the elements.

WaterDog is available from their online shop for $70.