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Yves Behar Designs Unagi’s Thrilling “Model Eleven” Electric Scooter

High-end electric scooter producer Unagi’s second release—humorously entitled the Model Eleven (which follows their launch product, the Model One)—debuted on Indiegogo with a thrilling new look from renowned industrial designer Yves Behar. This light (at 32 pounds), smart (with Google turn-by-turn navigation) and portable vehicle includes a suite of tech-forward upgrades, from a motion-detector alarm system to a camera-based advanced driver assistance, full front and rear suspension, and swappable batteries. It’s also composed—almost entirely—from a brand new Swiss material called “long carbon.” This carbon composite (which incorporates materials like nylon) allows “Unagi’s design team to formulate the shape of the scooter using injection molding rather than carbon wrapping,” according to The Verge. Read more about why the (already fully funded) Model Eleven will become Unagi’s flagship vehicle at The Verge.

Image courtesy of Unagi

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