Prepare hot food and drinks anywhere with this intelligent flame-less cooking system


Whether you’re backpacking through the bush or riding the rails, you need to eat. When stopping at a café just isn’t an option and carrying a cookstove and fuel isn’t convenient, the opportunities to enjoy a hot meal or beverage become scarce. Luckily, the Alpine-minded innovators at Korea’s Barocook have created a cooking system that is capable of heating water just shy of boiling (98 degrees Celsius) without a flame.


The system works using a double-chamber design. A BPA-free plastic exterior houses the interior stainless steel container in which food is cooked. Between these two containers is where the magic happens. Combine water and one of Barocook’s heating packs to initiate the heat reaction, allowing you to boil water in between five and 10 minutes—depending on outside temperature. The heating packs from Barocook are entirely non-toxic; the cooking is done by steam and is initiated by a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen gases—no hard-to-pronounce chemicals here. Barocook’s system offers an even more environmentally friendly cooking system than portable stoves, and with less gear and hassle.

The Barocook system is available in a wide range of sizes and styles. The two most popular styles are available from Amazon: The 1200ml rectangle (perfect for rice, pasta and soup) starts at $63 while the 360ml mug starts at $58. Visit Barocook online for more.

Images courtesy of Barocook