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Summer Bike Accessories

Functional and design-forward products that add to your biking adventures

There’s no better way to spend the dog days of summer than riding your two-wheeler around town. Regardless of your destination—be it the local park, the beach, a yoga studio or a friend’s apartment—we’ve found some super-useful products that don’t sacrifice looks for function for all your urban biking adventures.

Coffee Cup Holder

For some, the legs refuse to pedal without caffeine. SF-based PUBLIC (from the same founder of modern furniture company Design Within Reach) created a robust coffee cup holder ($15) to securely carry your precious caffè macchiato (or tea) until the last drop is drunk. The double-bolted mount design can face either forwards or backwards, and inside, the ring is lined with snug material so your cup doesn’t pop out over bumps.

Cageless Water Bottle

UK niche cycling design company Fabric goes cage-free with their new ultralight 600ml water bottle, launching September 2015 at the expected price of $20. It secures to bikes with easily detachable studs that weigh in at 1.5g, but stays almost invisible when there’s no bottle. Though geared towards those riders counting every gram, it’s easy-to-reach hydration that keeps the lines of your bike clean.

Bike Basket

The Memories Bottle Basket ($34 and up) from Netherland’s Basil channels vintage wired baskets carried by the milkman—hence the design of two bottles on the side. It slips on and off easily thanks to two hooks, and a grip handle transforms it instantly into a shopping carrier, so you don’t have to kick yourself for forgetting your reusable bag at home. Available in black as well as more brighter options like salmon pink and a minty pastel green.

Revolights Headlight + Brakelight

Even if a lazy weekend picnic keeps you out and about until the sun goes down, there’s no excuse for being unsafe on your whip. Revolights’ Skyline 360º ($199) is a combination headlight and smart brake light embedded in your bike’s wheels, giving others a luminous heads up while you ride in the dark.

Yoga Mat Strap

Milwaukee, WI-based bike accessories maker Fyxation has sweet-looking method for lassoing your cumbersome yoga mat: a leather strap ($40) for hands-free carrying. The buckle-free closures mean that any size mat, blanket or beach towel can be carried in the strap—taking you from studio to seaside with ease.

Six-Pack Frame Cinch

Walnut Studio’s Six-Pack Frame Cinch ($32) attaches to the bike’s horizontal top tube to carry just about anything from an to an umbrella to a bunch of flowers. The vegetable tanned leather strap comes in four color options to let you ride in style, with a six-pack of beer between your legs.

Revolights image courtesy of Chris Hall, all others courtesy of respected brands


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