Chrome Reflective Camo Collection

Three packs made with reflective glass-bead print for heightened visibility up to 100 feet

Chrome-Orlov_ReflectiveCamo-1.jpg Chrome-Orlov_Backpack-Relfective-2.jpg

From the sleek Niko camera bag to the ever-spacious Sotnik duffel, San Francisco’s Chrome seems to really be on-point these days. And since they’re best known for their bike-ready commuter bags, the introduction of their latest high-vis line of bags was a welcome one. The limited edition Reflective Camo Collection is made with a special glass-bead-printed fabric that reflects at a distance up to 100 feet. The two sash bags and roll-top backpack come in three French Camo prints—snow, desert and woodland—for just the right amount of clash in any urban environment. And, as you’d expect from the design-driven brand, when worn during the day and not in direct light, the reflective pattern is essentially indistinguishable from standard fabrics.

Chrome-Citizen-Reflective-1.jpg Chrome-Victor_ReflectiveCamo-3.jpg

Find the reflective Victor utility belt, Citizen messenger bag and Orlov backpack directly from Chrome online and flagship stores—NYC, SF, CHI, PDX—for $95, $160 and $170, respectively.

Images courtesy of Chrome