FAVD + The Miami Beach Edition Travel Guide

Explore Art Basel based on carefully selected recommendations from your social network


After a successful soft launch during the most recent fashion weeks across NYC, Paris, London and Milan, web and iOS travel app FAVD is heading south to Miami for Art Basel. In addition to offering carefully tailored guides from trusted voices (be that individuals or organizations), FAVD allows users to follow their friends’ favorited locations on a shared map, forming a personalized recommendation guide of sorts, and thus giving members the scoop on places visited by those they trust. And, launching today, the brand new Miami Beach Edition Hotel has offered up a veritable concierge service-like list of the best places to visit for food, drinks and shopping while Miami Art Week is underway.


The idea started back in 2012, when co-founder Adam Johnson was in Tokyo with his business partner and FAVD co-founder Joseph McMahon. “We were very unprepared and didn’t have a list of places to visit, shop or eat. At the time I was just using Google Maps and starring locations. I kept thinking it would be really great if I could just see the stars on my friends’ Google maps,” Johnson shares with CH. He began using a guidebook crafted by local fashion designers and DJs, and realized that too could be an element of something digital. FAVD was born as a place to follow people with great taste—whether that’s your friend or an artist you admire.

Johnson, a developer by trade, set to work. FAVD began partnering with organizations they knew and wanted to work with. When the idea to create a guide for Miami sprang to mind, FAVD reached out to Edition Hotels. “What you’ll find is purely that FAVD works as a concierge would at a hotel, in the form of a mobile app. People are also able to save the Edition map to their account, so when you do make it to Miami, if it’s not for Art Basel, you can have the map handy. It’s a selection of the locations they recommend and they’ve also written a note on each so you have an idea what they’re about.” The Edition list is on point, with options covering many CH favorites, be that The Broken Shaker bar or the Perez Art Museum. With Foursquare split in two, FAVD offers a much easier alternative to tracking locations that friends hit up. And, with partners like the Edition Hotels, insider guidance is a click away.

Download FAVD for free on the iTunes app store.

Images courtesy of FAVD