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Future Forum 2010: Hybrid Thinking

A creative conference for architects, designers, entrepreneurs and innovators in the hospitality industry


Hospitality is an industry of intersecting disciplines, and Design Hotels emphasizes the multi-pronged approach to hotel planning and design in “Hybrid Thinking,” the upcoming Future Forum conference in Berlin, Germany.

Design Hotels’ annual symposium focuses on architecture and design. This year, the agenda of “Hybrid Thinking” encompasses other aspects in synergy with the hotel business and hospitality, from the sensory experiences of food and drink to marketing and economic trends.

The conference speakers are a distinguished international group, including style and design writer Christopher Sanderson, winemaker Irène Tolleret, artist and researcher Sissel Tolaas and consultant David Bosshart. Architects Wolfram Putz and Lars Krückeberg are also scheduled to present.

Future Forum 2010 runs from 10-11 June 2010. Visit the Design Hotels website for ticket information on the conference and events.


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