G-RO’s New Companion Bags: Backpacks, Office and Check-In Bags

The most successful crowdfunded luggage campaign ever returns to Kickstarter with four new products

With four new companion bags, G-RO hopes to tackle additional traveler needs—this time addressing the backpack and day-to-day office trips. For the first time since their (bag-related) record breaking Kickstarter campaign in 2015, the brand returns with a new G-RO campaign to fund it all. Through countless generations of designs they’ve developed these products, but the materials compel just as much. Three of the four products—the the Backpack XV backpack, as well as the Office and Check-In bags—feature ballistic nylon (something fans of G-RO are already familiar with). Flexible and lightweight, 630D nylon comprises the Backpack Light backpack. Finally, a water-resistant Stingrey Polyblend and Carbon Fiber also appear, as both functional and stylish additions.

These are new shapes for the brand and a quick glance at the Office and Check-In bags hint at their functionality. The former, an everyday commuter companion bag, measures 16″ by 9″ by 16″ and features a spacious interior compartment. It’s supported by multiple organization pockets and stow spaces. As for the Check-In, volume is increased substantially (14″ by 16.5″ by 28.5″). Both sport the proprietary, signature axle-less tough terrain wheels—which alter both maneuverability and save space. To seal the deal, both come with a TILE Bluetooth Tracker, meaning the bags are trackable when out of sight.

Regarding backpacks, it’s worth mentioning that both come with a G-RO 10,000 mAh Power Bank (that will charge an average smartphone around four times), a water protected USB charging port, as well as a TILE Bluetooth Tracker. The Backpack XV is a utility-style backpack with a focus on durable construction. Its expandable interior makes it an ideal fit for commuters or weekend travelers. The minimalist Backpack Light aims to help with organization and easy access to essentials. It’s delightfully lightweight. All four bags re-imagine the capabilities of their category to a certain degree and they’re already being rewarded by consumers on crowd funding for it.

Pricing for the G-RO campaign on Kickstarter (which was just funded at time of publish) is about 45% off of future retail. The Backpack Light is listed at $106, the Backpack XV at $159. The Office is $249, and the Check-In is $279.

Images courtesy of G-RO