Mosher Originals Action Packs

A new line of bags that are minimally branded, durable and proudly handmade in Canada


Few companies start out making dog products then segue into products for their owners. However that’s exactly what Toronto-based Mosher Originals is doing with their new line of bags (for humans), currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Initially inspired by the lack of durable, waterproof jackets on the market for dogs (essential for long walks in the Great White North), founder Tom Mosher is now taking the same approach to backpacks: use the best materials, pay attention to little things and make everything by hand, the right way. Starting with two designs—an 18-liter daypack and a 28-liter top loader—Mosher opted for three material options: Cordura, eight ounce army duck and waxed canvas. All sourced within North America, each material promises longevity and durability. Each model features a ventilated Air Knit back for improved breathability and makes the bags commuter-friendly. Meanwhile fluorescent Day-Glo orange linings make spotting goods easy in low light. The larger Action Pack is the flagship model of the line and gets special treatment with magnetic top closures, versatile profile G-hooks and a detachable two-liter hood pocket.


Proudly made in Canada, the Mosher Originals GOTO daypack sells for $140 while the Action Pack is $285. With minimal branding, classic design, quality materials and superior attention to detail, expect these packs to be constant companion for years to come. Check out the Mosher Originals range of pooch products—including jackets and packable bowls—at their webstore.

Images courtesy of Mosher Originals