Lighting the Sails

Laurie Anderson uses Sydney's Opera House as a canvas for spectacular projections

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For the city’s second annual winter celebration, Vivid Sydney tapped the immensely talented and ultra creative performance artist Laurie Anderson to transform the famed Sydney Opera House. “Lighting The Sails” does just that, turning the shell-like rooftops into a slideshow of vibrant images, projecting everything from leopard-print patterns to hair. (Click images for detail.)


While the project is something of a departure for an artist more widely-known for her experimental instruments and avant-garde song writing, Anderson curated this year’s entire program along with longtime companion Lou Reed—following their contemporary, musician Brian Eno who helmed the event last year. Vivid Sydney’s full schedule includes many arts and culture events throughout the city, visit the website for a complete list of happenings. Lighting The Sails will runs through 20 June 2010, see more images of the spectacular display in the gallery below.

via Flavorwire