Vivid Sydney Ideas 2015

CH co-founders to speak on creativity and consumer connection at this year's global conference


Every year, the Sydney Opera House is transformed from its normal stoic ivory self into a blank canvas for light artists—resulting in massive works that captivate the city and often the world at large. Part of the annual Vivid Sydney conference, this public art is just a portion of the creativity on hand each year. Over the course of 18 days, the intersection of art, technology and commerce are explored and critiqued through various mediums by professionals and thought leaders in a multitude of fields. We’re proud to announce that CH co-founders Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten will be among this year’s speakers. Their presentation entitled “How to Connect Creatively with your Consumer” delves into the pathways and multidisciplinary techniques businesses can use to creatively reach consumers in world continually being reshaped by technology.


In addition to Rubin and Orensten, the Ideas portion of this year’s Vivid Sydney includes leading innovators in media, publishing, technology and design. Stefan Sagmeister will focus on cutting though the noise in order to do good work. Monocle founder Tyler Brûlé will present on the future of audience engagement. Aside from Ideas, Vivid Sydney includes music and art events with guests such as Morrissey and Sufjan Stevens.

Visit Vivid Sydney to book tickets for the presentation for the special early bird price of $120.

Images courtesy of Vivid Sydney