Octovo Leather Goods

A beautiful line of travel products designed to age gracefully as you adventure


From custom-made vegetable re-tanned Italian leather, OCTOVO has created a refined line of travel accessories—encompassing wallets, cases and bags. While each item is composed of lasting, quality materials, Octovo also embraces the idea that as you acquire travel experiences and stories, each item in the line will develop its own patina, or marks of age—as tends to be the case with leather. Thus, not only are the products durable, they’re prepared for real usage. Each piece has been created in collaboration with SF-based design studio Ammunition and under the guidance of celebrated industrial designer Kenny Sweet—Creative Director and a founding team member. With Octovo, classic products meet at the crossroads of tech and travel, and they also happen to be very pretty.

Octovo-Duffel-2.jpg Octovo-Duffel-3.jpg

One standout—48HR duffle bag—is sizeable but not bulky. Its spacious interior is padded and contains an internal storage sleeve. Additionally, it’s been fitted with custom machined titanium hardware. It’s a simple, effective look but attention has been paid to every single detail. On a more minimal route, Octovo’s layover sleeve for iPad or iPad mini and the Cross Cut sleeve for iPhone utilize no more than two or three swathes of leather. Flexible, modern and all about simple aesthetics, the three pieces provide travel protection with style.

Octovo-ipad-mini-iphone-4.jpg Octovo-wallets-5.jpg

Octovo’s remaining travel products contain pocket-appropriate wallet alternatives. The Travel Wallet will fit in a pocket due to its compact nature, but can hold your passport, various sizes of currency and tickets. The light and much more accessible Pocket Wallet continues on their path for minimalism, binding two pieces of leather into a cross cut sleeve, much like their iPhone case. The Pocket Wallet is also an ideal holster for business cards.

The full range of Octovo products is available online with the Pocket Wallet priced at $98 and the 48HR bag at $1,385.

Photos by Graham Hiemstra