The Standard Introduces “Standard Time”

Putting guests first, the hotel group is offering check-in and check-out at any time

In a move that will have travelers no longer ruing 5AM arrival times or hangovers, The Standard has just announced it’s forgoing traditional check-in and check-out times at their hotels—from NYC to Miami and Los Angeles. For those who elect the service (choose it when booking the room, for an additional fee of about 5%), traditional arrival and departure hours are irrelevant—you just need to give the hotel a vague idea of your times. Show up when you arrive, and leave when you want; which is the way we like to travel. To celebrate the new program, called Standard Time, they have released a playful series of videos depicting post-coitus sleep-ins, lazy afternoons and a 4AM rager.

While the new plan seems like a no-brainer, off the back of their last-minute, on-demand booking app One Night Standard, it’s evidence of The Standard being ahead of the game, leaving behind the world of stuffy hospitality and keeping its guests as their top priority.

Video courtesy of The Standard