Tonke Campers


Campers are usually unsightly hunks of metal spewing smoke all over the highways. We'd much prefer traveling in the dutch countryside in a Tonke Camper.

Tonke of Holland manufactures eco-friendly campers that offer a timeless look and lifestyle. Completely handcrafted, for its old-world styling there are plenty of modern facilities that combine comfort with classic looks. Luxurious features include polished mahogany fittings, teak wood floors, porcelain sinks and fully chrome faucets. Both the toilet and shower conserve more water than your average variety, there is a water boiler for hot water, large fridge and gas burning stove. Even better, after you're done with your trip you can detach the camper unit off the van chassis to serve as a stand alone guest room or office.


Inspired by old yachts and gypsy caravans, Tonke offers two different models—the Explorer (fitted for the Renault Master van) and the longer Fieldsleeper (fitted for a Mercedes Sprinter). Both provide living space, a kitchen, bathroom and can comfortably sleep two—three is a squeeze but doable.

Expectedly, they're not cheap starting at €70,000. If you don't want to make that sort of investment you can always rent one starting at €500 per week. There is currently some availability for 2009. Visit Tonke for more info and contact them directly for sale or rental inquiries.

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