Devialet Phantom Speaker Turns (Rose) Gold

The all-in-one engineering marvel gets a powerful upgrade to 4000 watts

Despite its innocuous, small egg shape, the powerful all-in-one Phantom speaker from French audiophiles Devialet is an incredible engineering feat to be proud of (they hold 102 patents as proof). During our in-person demo of the product, the Phantom had our hair blowing back with its impactful bass and volume, furiously quivering symmetric woofers, and no vibration on our glass table. The speaker made its US debut last year with two models: the original 750 Watts Phantom ($1990) and the 3000 Watts Silver Phantom ($2390). The collection now becomes a trio with what Devialet is calling their most extreme yet, the 4500 Watts Gold Phantom ($2990).

What does 4500 Watts of power equate to? Eight regular Phantoms, and a maximum loudness of 108db SPL (the equivalent of a live concert). A new titanium tweeter paired with deep bass reproduction at an all-time low of 14 Hz makes this system perform at a larger range than its siblings. The exterior has an upgrade to match, finished in 22k rose gold. This impressively compact system could be what powers smaller clubs and venues in the near future, saving space and hassle of huge sound systems. For now, it’s changing the home movies you watch and parties you throw.

Pre-order is available now for the Gold Phantom, with shipping starting 14 July. Devialet has a 45-day trial, but it’s worth making a trip to a audio specialty retailer to experience the Phantom in person. They’re also stocked in select Apple stores across the country.

Images courtesy of Devialet