Piaule Aims to Perfect Bedding

Sheets that works in any climate or time of year, within any decor, personal style or interior design

We’ve been tracking minimalist home goods brand Piaule ever since the launch of their lighter-than-air towel two years ago. Rather than try to grab consumer attention every two weeks with a new item or riff or hue, Piaule spends time intensely researching and testing in order to produce the right one. Their latest (the brand’s fifth product launch) is a set of bedsheets and pillowcases.

Courtesy of Kyla Rae Polanco

Releasing a new line of bedsheets is bold considering there are tons of start-ups with grand budgets also trying to sell their own “perfect” version of the humble product. Further, “There are plenty of legacy brands that make incredible linens, especially Italian ones, but such brands are probably unknown to the younger demographic,” Piaule founder Nolan McHugh tells us.

“There are start-ups ‘remaking’ sheets for millennials,” he continues. “And they do a wonderful job of it, with subway ads and graphic design and social media that is all very familiar to this consumer. But, the distinguishing characteristic is branding. The product is good, but no different than legacy brands.”

Courtesy of Zhang Qingyun

Piaule’s 100% cotton, Portugal-made sheets have a 400 thread-count, but it’s the ultra-soft wash that really distinguishes them. They don’t have that blinding white sheen and feel of hotel sheets; nor do they have the decades-old vintage vibe that linen versions can create. Instead, Piaule’s sheets feel thoughtfully luxe.

Courtesy of Zhang Qingyun

“Piaule seeks to solve other problems: excessive variety, overwhelming burden of choice, and disposable consumption. Most brands still suggest the seasonal purchase of bedding, rotating based on decorative patterns or different weight of materials or some other factor. It is and always has been our mission to encourage conscientious consumption—as little as possible, of the best possible thing.” And with that he concludes “our bedding works in any climate, any time of year, within any decor trend, any personal style and any interior design.”

Piaule sells their sheets in complete sets ($239) and they’re only available in white.