Global Treats at Snuk Foods

The new online bazaar offering 2,000+ high-quality, responsibly sourced treats

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a Polish or Indian grocery (or even a Whole Foods) within subway or driving distance. Newly launched Snuk Foods is making it easier to order 2,000+ high-quality, responsibly sourced global treats and necessary ingredients.

Consider it a version of Eataly or Mouth Foods, but representation goes beyond a single country. Snuk has products from the Mediterranean to North Africa, Eastern Europe, and various regions of Asia. From rare Shakhurbai almonds and dried Kandahar figs grown in Afghanistan to black lava salt from Hawaii, the offerings might make your current pantry set-up look quite plain. Even for those who are blessed to live in a metropolis of immigrant communities, Snuk has some surprises, mostly avoiding the mass-market brands.

“We created Snuk to give everyone access to an inclusive selection of global foods, with the convenience of delivery to your door,” co-founder Betsy Fox tells CH. “The prices span a wide range. We carry some premium items like five-year-aged Korean soy sauce, which is one of the most incredible soy sauces you’ll ever taste, and saffron from small farmers in Afghanistan. But we also have hundreds of down-to-earth snacks and bulk foods, like Deep hot mixes, Parle-G biscuits, and affordable dried lentils. So we hope there’s something for everyone, and that a one-stop destination for specialty ingredients allows people to find their tastes of home while discovering something new.” The name of the site, in fact, came from a trip to Thailand, where Fox met a white Labrador retriever named Sanook and nicknamed Snuk. “’Sanook’ or ‘fun’ in Thai is a guiding principle of Thai social life and captured what we wanted the site to be about,” she explains. “Fun, family, discovery and importantly, great food!”

So rather than feeling bougie or overpriced, Snuk is a place for discovery, and the sense of excitement is real. We stumbled upon nifty things like a $4 digestif from Rheinberg, Germany that’s ideal for easing the stomach. The site is also great reference to prep surprises for upcoming holiday parties—while everybody else sets traditional cheese platters, there are countless exciting options to consider at Snuk.

Upon launch, Snuk is currently only delivering within the 48 contiguous states but aims to expand services soon.

Images courtesy of Snuk