4Wall Production Lines


Londoner Sam Stubbings never really set out to give artists a helping hand, but he came away frustrated after seeing an exhibition by art collective Black Convoy last year, so he decided to set up 4Wall.

Sam seems to work a bit like an art agent with online and real-world gallery spaces, allowing people who want to pay up to tap into the talent the sometimes-sprawling collectives contain. That could mean commercial interests wanting help with a campaign or punters like you and me wanting something pretty to hang up. Oh, and live painting on something they call "The Wall" (see the mural above) is also a speciality.

Next week sees the start of Production Lines, an umbrella term for 4Wall's biggest, multi-faceted show to date. At the Fashion & Textile Museum in Bermondsey, South London, expect to see artists like D-Fuse and Daisy De Villeneuve creating new work, live before your eyes. There'll also be a chance to own a picture by people like artist Tracey Emin or London Mayor Ken Livingstone during the Bargain Bin Art Fair. Also, as a reaction to big beer brands muscling in on the art world, there's something they're calling Beer Futures…

Intrigued? Production Lines runs through 10 December 2006.
Fashion & Textile Museum
83 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3XF
United Kingdom