Aaron McConomy: A Common Crayon


Aaron McConomy was born in the fragrant pine forests of Alberta, Canada. Disillusioned after a strict conceptualist education at British Columbia's Simon Fraser University, he was on the brink of giving up art for chess until a chance meeting lead to the formation of the art gang known as the YPF.

Since the founding of the YPF, he has shown extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada. His current obsessions include zeppelins, fixed gear bicycles and girls with cute ears. His very first solo show will be at the Garage Gallery in L.A., launching 18 August 2007 for one night only. The show is unofficially officially called "A Common Crayon," which is actually an anagram of Aaron's name and a pretty fine one at that! See more images and a flyer for the show here.

A Common Crayon
18 August 2007, 8pm-midnight
Garage Gallery
4341 Kingswell Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027 map