Airwaves 2010

From crowd surfing to the surreal, our photos from Iceland's biggest music festival

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Since the proliferation of music festivals means you have your pick of locations, choosing wisely can make the difference between a good and an epic time. To make sure the steep ticket prices and airfare is worth it, an appealing setting along with an exceptional line-up and the unparalleled parties that follow pretty much guarantees fun. One that continuously stays a cut above the rest is Airwaves, Iceland’s premiere music celebration that we decided to check out again after witnessing the insanity of the four-day event last year.


For 2010’s edition, we asked London-based photographer Craig Thomas to capture some of the Reykjavik flavor that makes this festival so remarkable. The upshot takes a look at the local youth culture, the liberally-minded city itself and of course, the music and venues that are the foundation of the whole scene.

airwaves2010-1.jpg airwaves2010-2.jpg

Check out more of Thomas’ surreal photos and his personal commentary in the gallery below.