TED 2016: Al Gore’s Optimism on Climate Change

With awareness increasing and actions underway, it's time to be inspired

At this year’s TED Talks in Vancouver, former Vice President Al Gore took to the stage, once again addressing climate change concerns. For the first half of the talk, Gore delivers impassioned, powerful and fact-driven points on the harm of global warming. The second half, however, focuses on the unexpected: optimism for the future and the positive change we have begun to make. Throughout, Gore touches upon systemic causation, the sky, the sea and weather patterns. He addresses what has gone wrong and turns a spotlight on our efforts and how they’ve already outpaced the predictions. And the message of it all is: “We are going to win this.” Gore believes we have seen a revolutionary breakthrough, and the way he explained it on stage last week was enthralling.

Video and image courtesy of TED