Aldrich Editions


At Basel the Aldrich Museum launched four new Aldrich Editions, their series of limited edition art objects, including the naughty platter (pictured, right) by Mark Dean Veca. The dish, titled And So Betwixt the Two of Them, riffs on classic blue willow ware, replacing the love story with something much more hardcore, running $375. The three other new artists, Paul Henry Ramirez, John F. Simon, Jr., and Jane South, join the ranks of contributors like Janine Antoni, Rachel Berwick, Claire Corey, Jon Conner, and Markus Linnenbrink who've created Aldrich Editions in recent years. Starting at $100 for Antoni's human hair and leather bookmark that comes with her limited edition catalog and ranging to $3,500 for Roxy Paine's faux decay piece called Fecund, pieces can be purchased by contacting the museum directly.