Altoids Curiously Strong Collection at the New Musem of Contemporary Art

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Who: 22 young artists

What: A touring exhibit of their work (one per artist). Highlights include the incredibly detailed, 2" pencil drawing by Randall Sellers (above left), a luxurious watercolor by Charlene Liu (above right), and the most beautiful tree you've ever seen cut out of a McDonald's bag (after the jump), by Yuken Teruya. This year's collection has sculpture, video, paintings and drawings.

Where: The New Museum of Contemporary Art/Chelsea in New York City, through October 29th, 2005.

Why: When good things come out of marketing meetings. This is the seventh show in the Altoids series. Every year they nominate a group to curate work from emerging artists, send it around the country, and then bring it to the New Museum, where the entire collection has been donated. Props to Altoids for supporting young artists instead of Nascar.

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click to zoom– it's wild!

photographs by Josh Rubin. Please do not use without permission.