Anastasia Samoylova’s “FloodZone” Documents the Uncertain Future of Miami

Anastasia Samoylova’s FloodZone series depicts the people and infrastructure that are adjusting to life in one of the USA’s epicenters of climate change: Miami. “You will find no images of catastrophe in Anastasia Samoylova’s FloodZone,” The New Yorker’s David Company writes. “She is looking for other things, the subtler signs of what awaits the populations that cluster along shorelines. What is it to live day by day on a climatic knife’s edge? What psychological state does it demand?” The citizens here watch as the city elevates buildings and sidewalks, but the future is uncertain. While climate change is real, and the affects are startlingly visible in the nation’s seventh largest city, they are also unsure what exactly to prepare for. And as Company says, “A poverty of imagination may be our biggest challenge.” Read and see more at The New Yorker.