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Anna West + David Callanan’s “To Miss The Ending” Wins XR/Immersive Category at BFI London Film Festival

Within this year’s BFI London Film Festival, the LFF Expanded program heralded developments in various styles of immersive art: interactive works, VR, 360-degree filmmaking and augmented reality. Due to disruption from COVID-19, the division’s format engaged remote audiences only—from a virtual reception area / exhibition space to digital talks, free screenings and technological deployments. Among the captivating crop, the 26-minute To Miss The Ending, directed by Anna West and David Callanan, won the first-ever Virtual LFF Audience Award for Best XR/Immersive Art. Making its debut at the festival, the filmic project—streamed through Oculus Rift, Rift S or HTC Vive tethered headset—challenges narrative structure and centers around the “uploaded memories” of five characters in a world long physically destroyed. It’s not only a testament to the skill of its filmmakers, but also to the depth of the medium and the curatorial prowess of the festival, as well. Read more about it at VR Room.

Image courtesy of Anna West and David Callanan

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