Annie Kevan: All the Presidents’ Girls

by Ariston Anderson


At first glance, the collection of portraits FAS Contemporary's Volta booth appears to be a wall of extremely beautiful women throughout the ages, each one quickly created in delicate strokes of oil paint. But then Monica Lewinsky's face pops out at you and is that Paula Jones?

British painter Annie Kevan's solo show features every Presidential girlfriend on record. Although the majority of the wall belongs to John F. Kennedy, a whirlwind of exquisitely painted historical standouts includes William Rufus DeVane King (James Buchanan), Venus (George Washington), and of course Kennedy's Marilyn Monroe. The style of the paintings speak to fantasy rather than realism; each face projects both feelings of delicate innocence and feminine power.

View the full collection on the artist's site.


All the Presidents' Girls
5-8 March 2009
FAS Contemporary at Volta NY
7 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001 William.King.450.jpg

William King


Ellen Romesch