Annie Leibovitz Shoots The Lincoln Motor Company’s “That’s Continental” Campaign

The photographer's complete 10-image "Road Trip" set

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Annie Leibovitz has created ad campaigns for financial services, entertainment, real estate, beer and of course fashion companies, but her “That’s Continental” shoot for the launch of the new Lincoln Continental is her first in the automotive category and it brings a fresh look that breaks from traditional car advertising photography. Read our feature on the car’s design for a closer look at the car.

Leibovitz developed the idea of retracing a favorite road trip she took with her father when she was younger, and the campaign was shot along that route featuring friends that she cast. “She said that’s how she first developed her photographic eye—by looking out the back window at the horizontal framing of the landscapes of America,” says John Emmert, group marketing manager of The Lincoln Motor Company.

Images by Annie Leibovitz, courtesy of Lincoln