AntiBabel EP


There’s nothing like a cross-cultural experimental musical collaboration to start off the New Year. The AntiBabel EP is the creative project of multi-talented musician, beatboxer and comedian extraordinaire Reggie Watts and Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo—who has worked with Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Phillip Glass and Natalie Merchant, among others. The pair came together after they both performed at the 2006 Pop!Tech annual conference, which itself is a unique gathering of innovators from across several disciplines. Out on Pop!Tech’s own label (this is their first release), the debut is a great example of what can happen when different cultures and musical art forms connect. Not only an amazing sonic experience, all of the purchase price supports the non-profit Machik, which promotes sustainable development and local communities in the Himalayas. Andrew Zolli, the curator of Pop!Tech says, “Yungchen and Reggie are two of the world’s most original voices, and we were honored to not only foster their collaboration, but to channel the results to further promote positive global change.â€

Pick it up from Pop!Tech for $10.