Aperture: Hello Photography

The medium's most authoritative publication launches an outstanding new take on the subject in both words and pictures


If the world is drowning in imagery, consider the newly designed Aperture Magazine your most dependable life preserver. As the esteemed print publication heads into its 61st year, they have paused to acknowledge the increasing surplus of imagery inundating our lives and ask, “What should a photography magazine be?” when the medium itself is highly in flux.


To help readers wade through this visual flood, Aperture has recommitted itself to navigating photography’s evolution, keeping in mind its history while exploring its potential in the future. They seek to present even more thoughtfully edited issues, which are now broken down into two main sections, “Words” and “Pictures.” Tapping the RCA grads behind London design studio A2/SW/HK to re-envision the quarterly magazine, Aperture is now both a go-to source for insights on today’s top talent as well as a tangible keepsake for photo enthusiasts.


The wealth of information printed on the mix of glossy and matte pages is culled from industry experts, who, in the first redesigned issue, consider topics like photography’s cultural impact, its role as a democratic medium, archiving and preservation, creative freedom and appropriation, how it has become a widespread means of communication and its almost robotic-like circulation—to name a few. They have successfully combined an academic approach with accessible writing, and wrapped it up in a clear format that lends itself to long reads.


Aperture Magazine will launch the new issue 26 February 2013, where you can pick it up from discerning shops around the world.

All images courtesy Aperture 210, photos by Jason Bailey for The Aperture Foundation