Barack Obama at Art Basel Miami Beach 2008


Shephard Fairey isn't the only artist to capture the zeitgeist of this historic year through the visage of President-elect Barack Obama. Throughout Miami, Mr. Obama was seemingly everywhere, as works featuring his likeness were given prominence by exhibitors. One couldn't help but feel comforted by this collective embrace of the potential he represents, even as news of the economic crisis continued to put a damper on the fair.

In the Art Miami venue, New York gallerist Sarah Hasted was quick to sell a 2004 portrait of Obama by Martin Schoeller.


At Scope Miami, Keszler Gallery presented Obama silkscreens by Russell Young.


And outside of the Scope venue, one of Los Angeles' most prominent street artists, Mr. Brainwash (aka Thierry Guetta), created a mural of Barack Obama as Superman.


At the Art Basel | Miami Beach Convention Center, Deitch Projects presented "Barack," a 2008 oil painting by Kurt Kauper, while David Zwirner Gallery exhibited "Barack, 2008" by Yan Pei-Ming.